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WDR Recruitment
WDR Recruitment

Resilience is a small and close-knit guild.
We work hard and get things done.

We are recruiting for Raids & Rated Battlegrounds. Currently 10/12.
We're always looking for reliable and sociable members.
Raid times are Mon - Thurs 8:30pm - 11:30pm st.
Late night raid times are Weds and Fri 12:30am - 3:00am st.
Weekend Raid Times are 8:30 - Whenever on Saturday's and Sundays.

In game whisper Lemon, Vecticus, Doobidodi, Excaroth, or Lehna for more information.

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Cho'gal and SW raiding.

superloctite, Mar 17, 11 9:10 PM.

So-and-so has logged on!